• Habits Of Mind

    In order to help our students succeed in an ever-changing world, we must teach them to take educated risks, to test new ideas on teachers and peers, to push the intellectual boundaries, to grow and evolve and to use these skills to be successful.

    Habits of Mind are a set of thinking strategies that are used by people who are found to behave ‘intelligently’. HPS actively uses the Habits of Mind as a language across the school, especially in classrooms, to encourage students to delve more deeply into their thinking and develop habits that will enable them to be successful. Our ‘Acheivement Of The Week‘ certificates center around students who actively demonstrate the behaviours attributed to a Habit of Mind.

    It is our endeavor to develop skills in our students that they will be able to use, not only during their school career, but throughout their continuous life journey as well. To instill thinking patterns that will allow students to creatively and effectively solve problems, both in and outside of the classroom.

    Below is a summary of each of the 16 Habits of Mind.


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    The 16 Habits Of Mind