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Our Oldest Student: Lydia Gardiner

On Tuesday, 27th April 2004, the principal of Heidelberg Primary School Mrs. Frances Sullivan visited our oldest student, Lydia Gardiner (nee Hinchcliffe) at a local nursing home. With Mrs. Sullivan were two special visitors for Lydia, Mark and Kathy, our youngest students, who started prep at Heidelberg this year.

Lydia Gardiner will be 98 years old in June. Her father Harry travelled to Australia from England on board the Irishman in 1912. This ship was on the water at the same time as The Titantic. Harry’s wife Isobel Hinchliffe (nee Joyce) and daughters May (aged 11) and Lydia (aged 6) followed Harry to Melbourne on board The Pelican in 1913. Lydia attended Heidelberg State School from 1914 until 1920.

Lydia says she can still remember her favourite teacher, Miss Sullivan, who also taught Lydia’s children, BobGardiner, Betty Ellis and Shirley Weatherhead more than 20 years later.

Lydia is looking forward to the “Back To Heidelberg State” celebrations on the 8th August, but doesn’t expect many of her former classmates will attend!!

You can view a photo of Lydia with Kathy and Mark, the youngest students at Heidelberg Primary School by clicking here.

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