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    Information and Communication Technologies play a major role in the programs at Heidelberg Primary School, with computers and multi-media being integrated into each subject area to enhance the teaching and learning. As well as using technology in their classroom, each class attends one ICT session per week with our computer specialist in the dedicated ICT Lab. During these classes students learn specific computer skills that are reinforced during regular classroom activities. These sessions are also an opportunity for students to discuss their individual ICT learning needs, and to reinforce behaviors that enable the students to stay safe online, and are consistent with being responsible online citizens.

    Some of the ICT skills and programs the students explore within their specialist ICT sessions include;

    • Drawing
    • PowerPoint
    • GarageBand
    • Kahootz
    • iMovie
    • iDVD
    • iPhoto
    • Electronic Communication
    • Internet Safety
    • Spreadsheets


    Students also explore and use a range of iPad Apps in ICT.