• Integrated Studies

    At H.P.S we pride ourselves on our facilitation of rich learning experiences for our students. It is with this in mind that we deliver the fully comprehensive set of MAPPEN Integrated Studies units across the school. We use a whole school approach where in each level from Prep to Grade 6, the students focus on the same over arching theme each term. Our units give students the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in their global community.

    The MAPPEN Units are a coherent curriculum designed around the eight concepts of Sustainability, Identity, Community, Connections, Change, Discovery, Social Justice and Creativity. Different aspects of these concepts are explored at each level.

    Over the two years, MAPPEN engages students with every Vic Curriculum standards in both Learning focuses and assessable standards. Each unit also integrates some English and Maths contextually to allow students to see the need for application of these crucial skills in their everyday life.

    We are proud to facilitate such rich learning experiences for our students using teaching strategies that develop autonomous learners. In delivering the MAPPEN units we aim to develop in students the skills and dispositions they require to be active, responsible and thinking citizens. All learners should have exposure to knowledge in a way that transforms it from sets of facts to practical and real-life applications.

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