• The Early History Of H.P.S (1848)


    The first schools in the township were privately owned. A Mrs. Hopkins kept one, and Mr. O’Brien another. Pupils paid their teachers one shilling a week. Publicly owned schools in Australia were first started and managed by Church congregations with the help of Government grants. These grants were allotted by the Denominational Schools Board, established in 1848. Most of the early district schools began in this way – Ivanhoe and Greensborough schools, for instance, were established by the Church of England in those places in 1853 and 1854 respectively. But many areas with mixed denominations were not provided with schools under this arrangement, and so a National Schools Board, with headquarters in Sydney, was next set up to help in the provision of schools, which became known as National Schools, in these areas.

    Vale Of Heidelberg Near Melbourne – Original work done by Prout, J.S. (John Skinner)