• Bounce Back

    As a new initiative Heidelberg Primary School offers ‘Bounce Back’ a Wellbeing and Resilience Program.

    As the name suggests this program is aimed at promoting students’ well-being and resilience.  Produced by passionate educators and psychologists Helen McGrath and Toni Noble, ‘Bounce Back’ recognises the important effect student wellbeing and resilience have upon student engagement, learning outcomes and academic success.

    At Heidelberg Primary School Primary School, Bounce Back is taught by class teachers throughout the school. The program focuses on classroom strategies and activities that teach students those positive social and emotional skills that might best be described as ‘life skills’.

    The Bounce Back program is made up of 10 key components and are taught throughout the school year.

    These components are:

    * Core Values

    * People Bounce Back

    * Courage

    * Looking on the Bright Side

    * Emotions

    * Relationships

    * Humour

    * Bullying

    * Being Successful

    * Elasticity


    Books (both picture story and fiction books ) are used as teaching and learning resources to promote the messages of the Bounce Back program.


    One anticipated outcome of Bounce Back, is the development of stronger levels of school, peer, teacher and family connectedness. These are some of the significant environmental factors to contribute to resilient behaviour in students.

    Through whole school implementation of Bounce Back, we hope to achieve more successful relationships for our students, improved school performance, enhanced self-esteem and higher levels of emotional wellbeing.