• School Values

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    Being honest, assuming responsibility for our actions and helping others to develop positive

    attitudes towards themselves.

    I treat students, parents and teachers with courtesy and respect.

    I am tolerant of differences in other students, parents and teachers.

    I take pride in my work and in my school.

    I am sensitive towards others’ feelings and opinions.

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    Everyone working together to achieve common goals.

    I work well with everyone in the school community.

    I listen to and value the opinions and skills of others.

    I work as a member of a team.

    I help and support others to achieve their best.

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    Giving each other support; showing tolerance and understanding of each other’s needs.

    I help, acknowledge and support others.

    I listen to others’ points of view.

    I consider others’ needs.

    I am kind and consider others’ feelings.

    I give and share. I work with others.

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    A commitment to the rights of others who may have ideas different from mine; Treating others in the way that I would like to be treated.

    For others:

    I listen to others.

    I trust their decisions.

    I understand that others have rights.

    I understand that they may have ideas that are different from mine.

     For myself:

    I will look after myself to stay happy and healthy.

    I take responsibility for my own learning.