• Start Up Learning Program

    Thinking about learning and learning about thinking!

    Every class begins the year with an intensive program called the ‘Start-Up Learning Program’. It immerses the students in a variety of activities that establish firm foundations for learning. The program creates the right conditions for learning in every class and ensures that all teachers and students are working towards the same goals. We revisit our School Values, Code of Conduct and expectations of students. It allows children to begin goal setting for the year and explore how they will achieve their learning goals. The program covers a range of key areas including: 1) Who am I? 2) What are my strengths and skills? 3) How do I learn best and where do I want to go with my learning? and 4) How do I interact with others?

    Students are introduced to a variety of tools that help them work towards continuous improvement. They set learning goals and are involved in a lot of collaborative, get to know you, activities. Students are also introduced to a thinking curriculum covering learning intelligences, understanding why, what and how we learn at school, Edward de Bono’s ‘Thinking Hats’ and strategies for thinking about learning. The Start Up Learning Program culminates in each individual class creating their own Classroom Learning Plan which is displayed for the year. Below are the Classroom Learning Plans for 2014.