• Student Leadership

    At Heidelberg Primary School we believe that giving our students a voice and input into the decisions made around our school is not only an important part of creating a great learning environment, but is an essential part of their development. There are several avenues for students to take on leadership roles, these are outlined below.

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    School Captains

    The school captain process begins with candidates creating a poster which highlights the attributes they think make them the best person for the role of School Captain. This step is then followed by the student candidates presenting a speech in front of all students in grades 3-6. Once the speeches are complete, the student body then vote on who they want as their School Captains. The candidates who get the most votes are automatically given the role of School Captains. The School Vice-Captains and JSC Executive are then decided in rank order of the votes.

    House Captains

    Once the School Captains and JSC Executive have been elected, students still seeking a leadership role have the option of applying for the position of House Captain. Again, this involves making a speech in front of the student body (in House meetings) and incorporates the voting process.

    Junior School Council – (JSC)

    The Junior School Council is a student representative group co-ordinated by a teacher. As part of regular JSC meetings the students follow a charter to promote equal and fair behaviour within our school, and discuss suggestions and concerns raised by students and staff at HPS. The JSC promotes student awareness of and involvement in civics and citizenship by actively participating in a diverse range of social services such as ANZAC and Remembrance Day commemorations, fundraising for charity, food drives, clean up campaigns etc. JSC representatives are responsible for maintaining effective communication between their grade, the Junior School Council and staff at HPS.

    Each year students from grades one to six are invited to nominate to represent their grade on the JSC this requires interested students to compose and deliver a speech to their classmates outlining the reasons they should be elected as a JSC representative. Two students are elected by their peers to represent each grade. The executive (President, Vice-President and Secretary) of the JSC is determined through the Leadership program in the grade six areas.

     Junior School Councillors are committed to our school motto – “We care what we do.”

    Outside of these formal leadership roles, there are many other opportunities for students to demonstrate their leadership qualities. Students regularly present at assembly, exercising their public speaking skills and have input into decisions that will affect the student body.


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