• Choir

    Heidelberg Primary School continues its tradition of incorporating Performing Arts into the curriculum through the development of a whole school choir, thanks to parent Tanis. Being involved in the school choir not only enriches the learning experiences of our students, it allows them another avenue in which they can build their confidence and self-esteem. Participation in choir teaches students the importance of teamwork and increases the opportunities for students to be more social among their peer group, therefore improving social and emotional well-being. Our choir students feel a great sense of pride in themselves and a sense of achievement that is akin to no other.

    We firmly believe that encouraging creativity through participation in our school choir gives our students skills that can aid in academic development. They develop skills that can be transferred to other discipline areas, for example active listening.

    Students from grade one to six meet every Thursday lunchtime to explore the fundamentals of music through performance. They are taught authentic warm-up techniques to ensure care of their vocal instrument and listening techniques to identify pitch, tone and rhythm. They learn and perform songs from a culturally diverse repertoire.


    Jenny Macklin BER Building Opening

    The School Choir with Jenny Macklin at the BER Building Opening

    Choir at Carols

    Carols Night


    The Bi-annual School Concert