• Facilities


    The Main School Building

    Cottage 2012

    The original headmaster’s cottage stands next to the main building; it is now used for Reading Recovery lessons and a range of programs including ESL support.

    Heidelberg Primary School is situated on a gently sloping hill and is divided into three general areas according to position on the hill. The ‘top school’ is the site of the historic main red brick building, dating from 1923 which still retains its attractive period architecture.

    This building houses the administration area, the Specialist wing with dedicated LOTE, Science & Art rooms, the recently revamped 5/6 area with three large classrooms, two additional learning spaces currently occupied by 3/4 classes, the library and staff facilities. The pool is also located in the ‘top school’.


    Prep Sandpit

    The Prep Sandpit




    Modern Learning Space

    The middle school hosts the new modern learning space completed at the beginning of 2012.

    This large building holds six classrooms, a huge multi-purpose area, a resource room, two kitchens and a fully equipped ICT learning center.




    Middle School Pexi-Pave Courts & Playground

    The Middle School Plexi-Pave Courts




    On the Cape Street side of the Middle School there is a vast multi-purpose Plexi-pave court, 3-6 playground equipment, cricket nets and a large grassed oval.

    The ‘middle school’ contains a newer red brick building housing four large classrooms, each with a wet area and adjoining smaller teaching spaces. There is an assembly hall, adjoining canteen facility and dedicated Prep sandpit.

    Tiger Turf & Lower Oval

    Bottom School Tiger Turf


    Playground Space & Shaded Sitting Area

    Playground & Seated Area




    The ‘bottom school’ contains an extensive Tiger Turf play space equipped with several sporting courts including Volleyball and Basketball.

    Another set of play equipment and a junior adventure playground, a shaded sandpit and seated area, School Aged Care building and a second grassed oval with shelter shed.