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    At Heidelberg Primary School, we run a progressive and integrated program for our Foundation students with a focus on enjoyable real life learning opportunities.

    A phonics approach is used to introduce the letters and their associated sounds to the children.  Students experience letters and sounds in a variety of contexts with opportunities for hands-on learning.  Skills to assist children with reading, writing, speaking and listening are taught by modeling and sharing and are then demonstrated independently.

    In Numeracy, a very practical approach is adopted with the use of concrete materials.  Links are made to real life learning situations.

    ‘Investigations’ is a key program in the Foundation year.  It is a developmental play based learning program, where students experience and explore different skills in an open plan layout.  It is student directed so children can move to different activities according to their interests.

    Highlights of the Foundation year include the Foundation-Grade 6 Buddy program, Foundation Breakfast, the annual Book Parade during Book Week and the House Swimming Carnival.


    Our Foundation Investigations Program is run with a focus on play based learning.  Students get to enjoy spending time as a year level group, while investigating a range of different activity stations. These sessions offer a wide variety of activities which incorporate numeracy, literacy, science, writing, reading, communication, art and sensory concepts.

    The activity stations get rotated frequently to ensure that all aspects of the curriculum are being covered and to allow the children to have new things to investigate.  At the completion of each session, children get the opportunity to write about their experiences.

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    Investigations Stations



    Heidelberg Primary School has  implemented the use of classroom blogs as a way of connecting families to the classroom. Blogs are a special type of website that allow content to be updated regularly and easily, and allows for communication between the authors and readers of the website.

    In Foundation, we use our blogs to share information about current classroom events, and to invite family interaction through the use of comments. It is also a place where timetables, notices and useful websites and tools will be stored for future reference by families.

    Foundation P-13 | Foundation M-14 | Foundation GF-17 | Foundation CF-18


    We also use the app Seesaw – a digital portfolio platform to showcase the learning that is occurring in the classroom, our Investigations program and school event. The classroom teacher will provide parents access to Seesaw early in term one, or by request.