• Japanese

     Matsuri Day 3Japanese is taught from years Prep to 6. The focus of the Japanese program is to not only teach students language skills but to foster an appreciation and awareness of the Japanese culture. Over seven years students learn to use the Japanese language by participating in a range of diverse learning tasks which are hands on and engaging to all types of learners.

    Every year the school celebrates all things Japanese during Matsuri Day. On this day, all students are put into multi aged groups and rotated through a number of hands on activites designed to enrich and inspire the Japanese learning experience.

    Last year students held a karaoke competition, which they judged and scored entirely in Japanese. The competition was predominately organised by students in 5/6 and involved the entire school. It was a great success and we look forward to holding yet another one this year.

    Below is a summary of cultural experiences students gain in the Japanese program.

    Level 1

    • Exchange simple greetings
    • Counting
    • Name colours, animals and people in family
    • Folk talesMatsuri Day 1
    • Cultural activities

    Level 2

    • Exchange simple greetings
    • Respond to simple spoken instructions
    • Name colours, shapes, parts of body and clothing
    • Folk tales
    • Cultural activities

    Level 3

    • Exchange simple greetings
    • Counting (extension)
    • Name sport, around the house, seasons and food
    • Learn Japanese writing system (Hiragana)
    • Cultural activities

    Level 4Matsuri Day 2

    • Make statements about self
    • Exchange simple conversations
    • Cultural projects
    • Learn Japanese writing system (Hiragana and Katakana)


    Whole school activity – Japanese Festival in Term 3