• Science

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    A highly successful Science program has been running at Heidelberg now for more than twenty-eight years. The school has a dedicated science room with a large range of modern equipment and resources. All grade levels from Prep to Grade Six participate in Science classes conducted by a specialist teacher on a weekly basis.

    The main focus for the younger students (Prep to Gr2) is to foster in them a greater appreciation and love of Science through a variety of experiences and explorations. They are also encouraged to bring things to class with a “science flavour” – books, objects of interest, observations, etc. – to share with others in a “Science Talk” segment. The students’ contributions are then used to stimulate further discussion and investigation.

    For the senior students (Gr3 to Gr6), a range of science ideas and concepts are dealt with in much greater detail. They are encouraged to follow the Science Method – Ask a Question; Do Background Research; Construct a Hypothesis; Test with an Experiment; Analyse Data and Draw Conclusion; Report Results – when carrying out practical investigations and experiments. These students are also given the opportunity to participate in a Science Competition conducted nationally each year by the University of New South Wales. Many excellent results have been achieved by students from Heidelberg PS since the school’s first involvement in 1993, with a number of them gaining national recognition for their efforts.