• Student Engagement & Wellbeing

    Student Engagement & Wellbeing is a high priority at Heidelberg Primary School.


    ‘Wellbeing Week’

    HPS has an annual Wellbeing Week. During this week students are involved in a variety of activities which promote many areas of health and well-being, including Mental, Social, Physical and Emotional aspects of their well-being.

    Some activities that students Foundation – Grade 6 have participated in include; making a ‘Worry Box’ so that students can write their worries on pieces of paper and place them in the box for safe keeping (in essence ‘letting go’ of their worries and not having to carry them around) and the construction of a Kindness Tree. On World Kindness Day, every student in the school participated in the Kindness Leaf Activity. This required the students to write or draw what kindness meant to them on a paper leaf to be joined together to make a Kindness Tree.