• The Arts

    Visual and Performing Arts are highly valued at Heidelberg Primary School. All students participate in a Visual Arts program designed to foster creativity and imagination whereby children express their understanding of the world. Performing arts is an integral part of our teaching and learning program and the students are always proud to perform at assemblies and school functions. Visits by performing artists are regular highlights for the children. A school production is developed and performed in odd-numbered years, while dancing lessons culminating in a school community dance evening are provided in even-numbered years.

    Keyboard and Recorder lessons are also offered to all year levels during school hours.Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 8.56.04 AM

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     Examples of student work in The Gallery


     Performing Arts

    Biannually, the whole school comes together to create a stage production where all students participate. The school concert showcases the wonderful talents and creativity of our students and staff. Alternating with the school concert is the biannual school dance. The dance is a wonderful opportunity for all to experience being a part of a performance.

    The school choir provides an extra avenue for children keen to perform.

    Students have the opportunity to perform at assemblies, school functions, community venues and the school production.

    Along with our classroom program, individual recorder and keyboard tuition is offered, giving the students of Heidelberg Primary School plenty of scope in self-expression and confidence in performing for an appreciative audience.