• Transition

    Ensuring all of our students have a smooth transition from one grade to the next each year is very important to us. Our supportive transition program begins with students entering our school through the kinder system and continues until they move on the secondary school.

    Kinder to Prep

    Heidelberg Primary School offers a comprehensive transition experience for both the enrolled pre-school children and their parents. In Term 4, children attend five transition sessions. During this time they will experience a range of specialist lessons and classroom activities. In one of the sessions children will meet their new “buddy” (a grade 6 student) and enjoy a morning tea/picnic with them. On the final session students will meet their new teacher.

    Prep students will not attend school on Wednesdays in February. Each child is allocated an hour with their class teacher who will conduct a range of assessment tasks in Literacy and Numeracy. This allows us the opportunity to best meet each child’s individual learning needs.

    Prep students are allocated a grade 6 ‘buddy’ from the beginning of the year. The aim of this program is to help the younger children settle in and to give them an older friend in the playground. There will be several activities that the “buddies” will participate in together prior to beginning school and throughout the prep year.

    Grade 1 to Grade 5

    ‘A Day In The Life…’ Program

    As part of the transition activities each year, we hold our annual ‘A Day in the Life…’ day. In December all children spend a day experiencing the activities and routines of the next year level; in effect they live a day in the life of a child in the year they are transitioning to.

    Students are placed into grades with children in the level above them. For example, grade 4 students will be mixed with grade 5 students for the day. These classes/groups, are, by no means the actual grades that these students will be in the next year, they are merely general peer groups.

    Teachers deliver as close to a normal program as they can on this day. This includes Literacy blocks, Math sessions, specialist classes etc. The main aim of this program is to remove the ‘unknown’ factor of what to expect when students transition to a higher level and to alleviate the anxiety they may feel. This is an enjoyable day that not only allows students to explore what is coming but mingle with a wider range of the peers they will be sharing their learning experiences with.

    Grade 6 to Secondary School

    Heidelberg Primary School Grade 6 teachers liase extensively with secondary schools to allow our students a smooth transition to Grade 7. There are opportunities for our students to get a sense of what secondary school is all about through visits from past students, information sessions with current secondary school teachers, as well as, excursions to productions including performances and musicals. In December Grade 6 students also take part in an orientation day at their chosen secondary school.