2023 Enrolments are now open. Enquires welcome. Please phone 9457 2259

Lunch Orders and School Canteen with Miss Peppercorn

The school has engaged the services of Miss Peppercorn, a catering company, to provide our students with lunch orders. Miss Peppercorn provide a nutritious and interesting menu and accommodate the School Council’s requirements in terms of regulations, reasonable cost, availability and flexibility. This service is available on Thursdays through an online ordering system.

Features include:

  • Options for a “meal deal”
  • Individual items can be purchased
  • Menu is varied on a seasonal basis
  • All food is cooked daily and is individually packed and delivered to school
  • Lunch orders are available every Thursday
  • Lunches can be pre-ordered up to 9:15am on the day
  • Online Ordering service  – for those families without internet access at home you may order through the library computer which will be set up for this purpose

For those parents who have already registered online you will have received your updated menu via email.