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Our Philosophy


Heidelberg Primary School’s vision is to empower our students to be life-long learners who build authentic connections with their local and global communities.


Heidelberg Primary School’s mission is to develop students to be curious and creative thinkers in an inclusive and engaging environment.


Our school’s objectives are considered as part of the 4 yearly strategic planning process and reflected in the goals listed in our current School Strategic Plan (SSP). We also develop an Annual Implementation Plan to operationalise the goals and key improvement strategies contained in our SSP.









I respect myself; I look after myself to stay happy and healthy

I understand other people have ideas or beliefs that are different to mine, and I don't put them down because of this

I give feedback to others in a positive way

I treat others in the way that they would like to be treated

I use my manners and speak respectfully to all members of our school community

I respect my belongings, our school property and the environment, and make choices that reflect this


I am honest, truthful and trustworthy

I take responsibility for my actions

I understand and accept that there are consequences to my actions

I take responsibility for my learning and being an active learner


I help and support others in work and play

I acknowledge and celebrate other people's needs, differences and feelings

I am kind to myself, others and the environment

I acccept that mistakes happen and are a learning opportunity

I empathise with others; my actions show that I understand how other people feel


I approach all things with a growth mindset

I persist, even when things are hard or not going well

I have strategies to cope when things go wrong

I know where to go for and how to ask for help when I need it